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The OC ForumEdit

The OC Forum is a Fanfiction.Net forum created for people to roleplay with others around the world using 'OCs' (or Original Characters). Though the creator, Snowskeeper, didn't think it would get very far, in just a few months it soared to the top of the General section of forums and is currently in 7th place for most posts.

This is partially because of loving care and devotion of its members, especially the mods-- Incinirmatt who is on nearly all the time and Snowskeeper because Snowskeeper is just that awesome. However, all the members of this forum contribute more or less equally to the stature and power level (Over 9000) of this forum.

This Wikia was created for the use of the members of the forum to use to carefully maintain and develop their characters... Or just throw a bunch of material into one place so it's easier to find.

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