"OwO Passowrd?" -Melanie

About Her

Melanie is a 15 year old, Tri-Polar, female Delcatty Moemon. She is Poker's second most used OC though less devoloped. Her most common phrase is "Password?" due to certain circumstances. Incidentally, she's Tri-polar and afflicted by ADHD, ADD for her two oldest personalities.

She has three personalities, as stated. One is an extremely childish personality, her face always plastered with some form of the "owo" smiley. the second oldest tends to act like a polite teenage girl, though she get irritated easily. the oldest is the scariest one of all, as she only comes out when Melanie is in grave danger. She is also the most violent, as she can use her Metronome attack to pull out a random weapon.

When Melanie sleeps, she sleeps with her eyes open, as her personalities are conversing in her dreams. Often times it's the younger one getting scolded for the days actions. The personalities are aware of each other and consider themselves family, the first personalty being the youngest sister, the second being the middle sister, the third being the oldest. It is thought that because of how she evolved that he developing mind split into three parts, the child, the teen, and the adult; all three mixed into the same body.


Not much is known about her history, other than when she was little, she had an unfortunate accident with a Moonstone and evolved prematurely.



Eiko(Minor Friend)

Gir(Close Friend in Private thread only)

Sora(Friend in Private Thread)

Colline(Close Friend/Caretaker)



  • The youngest sister has a memory loss problem. Because all three share the same mind, this effects all three of them, though only the youngest sister gets it.
  • The youngest sister can bend spoons just by saying "Spoon!". No one knows how.
  • The oldest sister loves fire, which has rubbed off on the youngest sister.
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