PmknGijinka Furret by SoothingMelody
Gir is probably the most random and epic out of everyone's OCs on the forum. There are a good number of people on the OC Forum that agree with this statement. Gir is a Furret gijinka and is currently being paired up with three people. Ame, Eiko and Archangelwings. You have never met a person like her, she's clueless and childish yet very nice. Her catch phrase is "I'm not dense, I'm a Furret!

She will say that every time someone calls her dense, please call her dense. You will love the hilarity she brings to the forum. However, she's not limited to bringing just that to the forum. She can also bring some seriousness to the RPs as she gets depressed every time someone calls her "weird."

Gender: Female

Special Traits: hyperactive and really fast, can break supersonic speeds when given candy

Race: Furret gijinka

Appearence: Her tail isn't that thick and her ears are smaller.

Age: 16


Kathrine - Mother

History: Gir has been ridiculed as a kid for being "Weird". She hates being called weird, you can call her anything but that. She did things a lot of kids laughed at and was fascinated by things other kids thought were stupid. She was made fun of, bullied, forced to eat dirt at one point, had her heart played like a violin then broken, beaten and at one point, almost murdered. If she's called weird, it brings these memories back and she gets sad (Might start to cry). Eventually, she ran away from there and moved on with her life.

Her life was pretty good after that, she went on the cruise with Blade and that's when she met Kathrine and the two became close friends with Gir doing everything Kathrine said even if it was mischievous. Gir liked Kathrine and looked up to her. Eventually, Kathrine adopted Gir and became her mother. This filled Gir with joy as her RPer had not made her parents which is the equivalent to not having any or not knowing who they are. Kathrine had adopted Gir.

Gir finally had a mother.

Gir was so happy that Kathrine had done this for her, now she does everything she's told and even asks for Kathrine to give her chore because she wants her mother to have an easy life and also to show how much she appreciates having Kathrine.

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