Katana by GypsFulvus
Blade is one of Incinirmatt's favorite OCs to use, if you see Incinirmatt in the chat then you'll see Blade more then likely.

Gender: male

Race: Grovyle gijinka

Special Traits: Ninja, mostly uses twin katanas. Other then his usual Grovyle powers, Blade can also fire slash waves and throw down smoke pellets, allowing him to dissapear in a puff of smoke. He is also able to see the "unseen" or invisible. Sixth sense.

History: Well for this forum, Blade has known Venus for a long time, longer then he's met anyone else. He's been studying how to be a ninja and easily mastered it. Because he was almost assassinated by Venus multiple times, he learned how to see the unseen and even developed a sixth sense. Around 16, he dated a girl named Allie and fell in love with her. The two broke up though 3 years later though they remained good friends. Eventually, they lost contact a year after their breakup and never saw each other again. He doesn't like to bring it up, especially in front of Kisara.

He had also once gone on a cruise with several other gijinkas, he was hypnotized a lot and forced to crossdress and do other humiliating things so he HATES it when people bring it up. Kathrine was involved in a lot of it as well as Allie. When he got done with it, he was only too thankful. After all that, he came to this forum and met Kisara. The two had a rough start at first, but Blade fell in love with her and eventually, they got married. He tries to do everything he can for Kisara as his RPer does everything in his power to make their relationship hard for more drama.

Age: 22

Married to: Kisara

Personality: Blade is usually quiet around new people though he is very nice and kind. A born leader, Blade will do anything for his wife and hates it when he has perverted thoughts about her. He's always sure to respect her in any way he can. However, his RPer, Incinirmatt, is plotting against him and Kisara by putting Blade in multiple pairings to the point where he has his own harem. Blade always resists cheating, it takes 2 to cheat after all, but sometimes, he just has to let all of his urges go.

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