"Some days I feel like being a catgirl."

Barry is the more kinder, large-hearted OC on the entire fourm. Based off the TF2 Heavy class, Barry is the total opposite: he's nice, cowardly and not gun-heavy. Main problem: he's naive. The heavy class is implied to be 45, however Barry is 39 years old.

He had a long history, which is somewhat tragic. Born in 1971, Barry was quite a class clown with a large heart. His mother was a bank accountant and his father was a PSA maker. He had a decent childhood until Barry's life when downhill when his pops was killed by a train causing his newborn sister, mother and himself to flee to the United Kingdom. Around 1994, he graduated from college and moved to Colorado. That is when he met Chris and Leon, his two roomates. The three then bought a spare apartment and got jobs at a small cafe. The three stayed there since then. The cafe? Closed. FOREVER.

His abilities include his incredibly large heart and politeness to other OCs. Barry oddly has a dry sense of humor for some reason.


  • Barry, Leon and Chris were first devised in 2008, when Dilbert na Kabuto got the Orange Box for his birthday. Using Garry's Mod, Dilbert created personal movies without editing. They were also given crude voices: Barry sounded like a teenage Squidward, Chris had a gruff, slyly tempo and Leon had a calm, deep voice. Their names came from Resident Evil games: Barry was named after Barry Burton, Leon was named after Leon S. Kennedy and Chris was named after Chris Redfield.
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