Name: Arc

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer

Appearance: Bluish black hair, green eyes, very pale--almost white--skin. Wears black and green power-armour, and rarely takes his helmet off. Under the armour, he has black and green ceremonial robes, which split between his legs so that they fit under his armour.

Arc is a Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch. He doesn't really fit into any Chaos Space Marine legion, instead preferring to wander Imperial space and the Eye of Terror in search of knowledge. He works with Chaos Space Marines if neccessary, but prefers solitude. He is one of the few OCs to actually understand what it means to not be real, and as such has powers over his RPer that most OCs don't.

His RPer is Snowskeeper.

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